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Welcome to the European Hernia Institute (E.H.I.): founded in 2010, E.H.I. is a global leader in hernia repair with biological prostheses.

Our 99 % lifetime success rate for primary inguinal hernias sets the gold standard for any world hernia center.

Do you have a hernia?
Get the facts about hernias and the new hernia repair with biological prostheses
The EHI Experience: Enjoy a rapid, healthy recovery in a beautiful facility designed exclusively for hernia patients

A guide to the hernia repair process at EHI

  • The admission process
    On the day of your admission to EHI, come to the hospital at your appointed time and register at the reception desk. Our admission staff will greet you and begin the admission process in Your room in the ward, which includes an examination and a review of your weight and current health. Blood test and an ECG may also be done to confirm that you are in good health for your surgery.
  • The postoperative course and the recovery process
    After few hours following the operation you will be expected to be up and moving around. You will also be expected to drink and in evening You will enjoy a soft meal. Of course, your family and friends are welcome to visit without any restrictions. The day following the operation You will expected to go home
  • At home
    Try to relax on the first few days home. Please avoid too much strenuous exercise that may cause discomfort.
  • Patient follow-up
    We will ask you to visit the hospital for a check-up with our surgeons approximately one month after the repair. Every year, we invite all patients to come to the hospital for a routine check-up
  • For Family and Visitors Accommodation
    We are happy to provide a list of available accommodations for the friends and family of our patients inside or outside the EHI.

Frequently asked questions

Did you know? Inguinal hernias are the most common type of hernia: they represent 80% of all abdominal wall hernias.

I have pain and swelling in my groin. Do I have a hernia?
Pain and swelling in the groin can have many different causes: only in a limited number of cases an hernia is found
Do you treat all types of hernias at EHI?
At EHI, we specialize exclusively in external abdominal wall hernias: inguinal hernias, femoral hernias, epigastric hernias (sometimes known as ventral hernias), incisional hernias, parastomal hernias and umbilical hernias
Haw much time do I have to stay at EHI after my surgery ?
The patient-centred recovery program at EHI has been specially designed to promote the day surgery (“in” in the morning, “out” in the afternoon). Obviously Your stay will be personalized according to Your needs..
How much does the operation cost ?
or insured patients, fees are totally covered in the majority of cases. International patients pay by credit card, bank note, cash or certified cheque and then receive paper work from us to secure reimbursement from their insurance provider, where available.
How long does the surgery take?
Most hernia repairs take an average of 30 minutes.
Can I drive home after I'm discharged ?
Yes but it is better not to stress the operated zone.. If you are flying, stand up in the aisle for a stretch and short walk.
How soon can I return to work ?
You can return to work as soon as you feel up to it. Most people are back at work within few days.

Modern Surgical Techniques in Hernia Repair

Surgical therapy is based on the closure of the hernial "hole" with sutures (Bassini technique, Shouldice etc.) or with the closure of the "hole" with prosthetic mesh (Lichtenstein technique, Rutkow, etc.): these latter techniques are preferred because they have an incidence of recurrence.

Herrnioplasty surgery

Biological prostheses represent the present-future of hernial surgery. Until a few years ago the only way to perform a hernioplasty with prostheses was to use a prosthesis of non-absorbable synthetic material such as polypropylene or polyester.

Biological prostheses

Ernioplastica con protesi biologica

Biological prostheses are the present and the future of hernia surgery. Up to now hernia repair was performed only with synthetic non reabsorbable materials such as polypropylene or polyester.
These prostheses act like a foreign body with a related infection risk.

A few years ago biological prostheses were developed using genetic engineering: these material are totally or partially reabsorbable and they are able of remodeling the native tissue with the same results of polypropylene. 

Here You can find some scientific articles and a clip explaining the technique.

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Int Surg. 2005 Jul-Aug;90(3 Suppl):S21-3. Comparison of three different mesh materials in tension-free inguinal hernia repair: prolene versus Vypro versus surgisis. Puccio F, Solazzo M, Marciano P. Surg Innov. 2009Mar;16(1):26-37.
Are biologic grafts effective for hernia repair: a systematic review of the literature. Hiles M, Record Ritchie RD, Altizer AM.

Prof. Fausto Catena

Director of the complex structure of General and Emergency Surgery of the Bufalini Hospital-Cesena Italy

Fausto Catena graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna in 1995 and specializes in General Surgery also at the University of Bologna in 2000. From 2001 to 2011 he was medical director of General Surgery, Emergency and Transplantation at the Policlinico S Orsola – Malpighi, where he has a specialized position for the management of kidney transplantation.

Since January 2012 he has been director of the Emergency Surgery Operations Unit of the Hospital-University of Parma. Catena is an expert in emergency and trauma surgery, oncology surgery, sarcosis and carcinosis surgery, minimally invasive surgery, rectal colo surgery, kidney transplantation, and abdominal wall surgery. In the course of his activity, he performed over 3000 surgeries of high and medium general surgery.

The scientific research activity focuses on emergency surgery (acute cholecystitis, adhesions, trauma, intraddominal infections), kidney transplantation (graft preservation), oncological surgery (GIST and carcinosis- HIPEC), colorectal surgery (colorectal cancer in choice and urgency) and abdominal wall surgery (biological prostheses). .

Prof. Fausto Catena

He is the author of over 600 scientific publications, 14 book chapters, a monograph on abdominal adhesties, an emergency surgery manual translated into several languages and a two-volume trauma book. He has participated in over 250 national and international scientific events as an auditor, 36 master classes as a learner, 48 courses as a teacher, 115 congresses as invited speaker and 59 congresses as chairman.
He organized 56 scientific events.

He was the drafter of 3 international guidelines; winner of 17 national and international scientific awards and awards. In 2010 he received the President of the Republic's award for best young surgeon in 2010. In 2006 he founded and directed the World Journal of Emergency Surgery, and collaborated as an editor with 15 other international journals of surgery.

He was President of the Italian Society of Young Surgeons, he is General Secretary of the World Society of Emergency Surgery. Since 2012 he has been a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons UK. He has been adjunct professor of the School of Specialization in General Surgery and the School of Specialization in Orthopedics and Traumatology of the University of Bologna. .

Responsabile Scientifico Dott. Luca Ansaloni
Responsabile Clinico Dott. Fausto Catena
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